7. Future

  • Establish our own trading platform and use XAGC for trading. When the business model is mature, it will enter other trading platforms, such as opskin, igxe, g2g, steam market, etc., to become a unified trading currency. This will replace the currency of each country and reduce the transaction losses caused by the exchange rate.
  • Use the trading platform to earn bonuses for major e-sports events. Players and teams are ranked in the world by XAGC, which makes the world rankings of teams and players fair, objective and transparent.
  • Through TrustDB, the following goals are achieved: First, the game manufacturer releases the token on the platform or directly uses XAGC as the common currency of the online game to realize an economical inter-connected economy within each game. Second, the in-game assets are on the chain, creating a unique asset system, so that each piece of equipment is unique. Third, the game rules identification, some games can be through the XAGC system-specific TrustDB system for two-level certification, making it become authentic.
  • In-depth cooperation with major game companies, players can invest in their favorite games through the XAGC held in their hands and then propose changes, or set up a game project, so that players really join the game industry, become the number one player.