5. Blockchain

5.1 Overview

Name AllGamesCoin
Symbol XAGC
Coin Type POW/MN
Algorithm X16R
Block Time 2 mins
Max Coin Supply 21000000.0000000
New Coin Supply Time 17395.00 Days
Initial Reward 20.00
Decrement Cycle 1 week
Weekly Decrement 0.484%
POW Reward Percentage 51%
MN Reward Percentage 49%
RPC Port 7207
MN Port 7208
Pre-mining 0.83%


5.2. Algorithm

As a technical supporter of the game, we hope that all players can join the mining with their own graphics cards. We used the algorithm X16R to against ASIC Miner. ASIC miner tend to concentrate mining rights, which is not what we want, so we will always keep our algorithms mineable only with graphics cards.

The X16R hashing algorithm consists of 16 hashing algorithms operating in chain fashion with the ordering dependent on the last 8 bytes (16 nibbles) of the hash of the previous block. The algorithms are as follows:

Order Algo
0 blake
1 bmw
2 groestl
3 jh
4 keccak
5 skein
6 luffa
7 cubehash
8 shavite
9 simd
10 echo
11 hamsi
12 fugue
13 shabal
14 whirlpool
15 sha512


5.3. Reward

Unlike BTC’s rewards, which are halved every four years, AllGameCoin System has designed a smoother reward reduction. We have reduced the amount of rewards by 0.484% per week, which has steadily increase the value of XAGC.

5.4. Supply

The total supply of coins is 21,000,000 and the total supply time is 17395 days (48 years).

5.5. Reward Rate

POW has a 51% share and MN has a 49% share. It is the most efficient way to balance the security of the blockchain and the energy consumption of mining.