Financial Plan for Pre-mining Funds

We pre-mined 0.83% of all (174883.82272000XAGC) as promotional expenses and research and development expenses. We will accept the supervision of all XAGC investors and spend it publicly and transparently. The following is the funding plan.

Time Project Amount
2018Q3 BTT lucky floor activity 3000
Discord lucky activity 3000
Discord invite activity 2000
Twitter forwarding activity 1500
XAGC improvement proposal 1000
List on exchange 5000
Developer subsidy 7000
2018Q4 BTT lucky floor activity 9000
Twitter forwarding activity 4500
Cooperate with game anchors 4000
Sponsored game events 10000
List on more exchanges 5000
list on 2000
Developer subsidy 6000
2019Q1 Marketing cost budget 10000
Developer subsidy 5000
2019Q2 Marketing cost budget 9000
Developer subsidy 4500
2019Q3 Marketing cost budget 8100
Developer subsidy 4050
2019Q4 Marketing cost budget 7290
Developer subsidy 3645
2020Q1 Marketing cost budget 6561
Developer subsidy 3281
2020Q2 Marketing cost budget 5905
Developer subsidy 2952
2020Q3 Marketing cost budget 5314
Developer subsidy 2657
2020Q4 Marketing cost budget 4783
Developer subsidy 2391
Future Reserve 26434
Total 174863
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