What's AllGamesCoin ?

AllGamesCoin(XAGC) is a new cryptocurrency that provides a blockchain revolution for the gaming industry. We aim to use the blockchain to storage the game asset; to build trusty game rules; to achieve game economy system interoperability and player autonomy. AllGameCoin System will allow game developers and players that from all around the world to enjoy the tremendous changes and benefits of the blockchain rebuilding game world. XAGC holders will influence and manage the game world.

Why We Choose Gaming Industry ?

Today, the gaming industry is already an important economy. The games that we are familiar with, such as LOL, DOTA2, CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite, WOW, etc., have attracted a large amount of capital inflows, and the events and peripheral products that related to those games have also formed a huge industry.

Game Market Scale

The current state of the global gaming industry in 2018: It is estimated that 2.3 billion players worldwide will spend $137.9 billion in games in 2018, which is an increase of 13.3%, or $16.2 billion, from the previous year.

Now, Use blockchain technology to change the economic system in the game, rules mechanism, game asset storage. To realize game economy system interoperability, rule trust, asset uniqueness and asset security. The game will enter the game 4.0 era – game with blockchain.

What Can AllGamsCoin System do ?

Game Asset Trading Platform

Interfacing with the digital asset trading platform, such as opskin, igxe, g2g, steam, etc., XAGC becomes a unified trading currency, which eliminates barriers to cross-border transactions and reduces the losses caused by exchange rates.

Digital Asset Blockchain Storage

It provides game developers with easy access to blockchains to store digital assets, providing the most effective support for digital asset uniqueness and storage security.

Game Rules Identification

It will have a positive effect on solving the trust problem. If the lottery operator deposits the lottery purchase record and the lottery calculation to the blockchain based on the smart contract, the lottery ticket will be more equal and fairer.

Economic System Interoperability

It can change the situation of players' virtual assets circulation and transaction restrictions, and also ensure the security of player virtual assets. It has prepared two options for the game economy system access: use XAGC or release token.

Player Autonomy

It will establish a platform for players to automate. Players can influence and manage game decisions by voting and paying.

How to make it ? What's TrustDB ?

After we complete the public blockchain, we will focus on developing the TrustDB for game asset storage, game token distribution, and game rules notarization. Traditional centralized storage is efficient, but it is not credible; decentralized storage can apply trusted storage, but it reduces efficiency. The TrustDB that we create for the game will use a hybrid solution. It separates the data blockchain from the public blockchain and at the same time it is compatible with a centralized database.

About XAGC

Name AllGamesCoin Symbol XAGC
Coin Type POW/MN Algorithm X16R
Block Time 2 mins Initial Reward 20.00 XAGC
Max Coin Supply 21000000.00 XAGC New Coin Supply Time 17395 Days
Decrement Cycle 1 week Weekly Decrement 0.484%
POW Reward Percentage 51% MN Reward Percentage 49%
RPC Port 7207 MN Port 7208
Reward of Block
AllGameCoin System has designed a smoother reward reduction. We have reduced the amount of rewards by 0.488% per week, which has steadily increase the value of XAGC.
Reward Rate

POW has a 51% share and MN has a 49% share. It is the most efficient way to balance the security of the blockchain and the energy consumption of mining.

Financial Plan for Pre-mining Funds

We pre-mined 0.83% of all (174883.82272000XAGC) as promotional expenses and research and development expenses. We will accept the supervision of all XAGC investors and spend it publicly and transparently.

Road Map

2018Q3 2018Q4 2019Q1-Q2
  • AllGamesCoin Public Blockchain releaes (√)
  • Publish White Paper (√)
  • Windows/Linux/OSX Wallet release (√)
  • The AllGamesCoin Website goes live (√)
  • The AllGamesCoin Block Explorer goes live (√)
  • The AllGamesCoin Pool goes live (√)
  • The XAGC Auto Miner release (√)
  • AllGamesCoin listing on exchanges
  • AllGamesCoin listing on masternodes.online
  • Game Asset Trading Platform Test release
  • AllGamesCoin listing on more exchanges
  • Sponsoring E-sports competitions
  • Game Asset Trading Platform release
  • AllGamesCoin startups Data Blockchain Testnet
  • AllGamesCoin Linux Data Wallet Testnet release
  • AllGamesCoin startups Application Testnet
2019Q3 2019Q4 Future
  • AllGamesCoin startups Data Blockchain
  • AllGamesCoin Linux Data Wallet release
  • AllGamesCoin startups Application
  • AllGamesCoin Developer Tools release
  • Player Autonomous Management Platform goes live
  • Formulating new plans in 2019Q3


Establish our own trading platform and use XAGC for trading. When the business model is mature, it will enter other trading platforms, such as opskin, igxe, g2g, steam market, etc., to become a unified trading currency. This will replace the currency of each country and reduce the transaction losses caused by the exchange rate.

Use the trading platform to earn bonuses for major e-sports events. Players and teams are ranked in the world by XAGC, which makes the world rankings of teams and players fair, objective and transparent.

Through TrustDB, the following goals are achieved: First, the game manufacturer releases the token on the platform or directly uses XAGC as the common currency of the online game to realize an economical inter-connected economy within each game. Second, the in-game assets are on the chain, creating a unique asset system, so that each piece of equipment is unique. Third, the game rules identification, some games can be through the XAGC system-specific TrustDB system for two-level certification, making it become authentic.

In-depth cooperation with major game companies, players can invest in their favorite games through the XAGC held in their hands and then propose changes, or set up a game project, so that players really join the game industry, become the number one player.